The Godmobile is a evangelistic ministry of the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship.   A non denominaton organization dedicated to soul winning and discipleship training of all people

Andy and Bobby Lue Zedwick began this evangelist ministry with a booth at the Oregon's Lincoln County Fair.  In 1988 the Zedwick's prayed for helpers and were led to Lieselotte and Paul Jenkins.  Their vision was to build a booth on wheels.

In 1989 the Zedwicks and Jenkins labored together to develop the Godmobile Ministry.  Eventually Ray and Loragene Philpot became loyal friends of this ministry, providng financial support to build additional trailers.

Over 30 Godmobile trailers and many tents were in operation by July of 2011 throughout the United States and Canada.  We estimate that over 30,000 were led to the Lord in 2011 through the Godmobile Ministry.

With hundreds of dedicated volunteers and an excellant discipleship program
We believe that the Godmobile ministry across America and Canada is going to be used even more by the Lord in as we grow closer to His return.

Please consider joining us to help lead many to Jesus Christ through prayer and the salvation message.  Be a part of fulfilling God's great commission to go into all the word and make disciples of all nations.

Your prayers would be greatly appreciated and if you would like to make a donation that would be greatly appreciated also.


Michael Corey, National Director