How to start a Godmobile anywhere in the world

Getting a Godmobile started is pretty simple;
In this document I will show you several ways
to do it.

From very inexspenive to quite expensive.
There is no correct way.

The key to the Godmobile is the following:
1. get a location where people gather

2. get a banner that says

3. get some "flip charts" to present the
Gospel to people


Here are details on the 3 steps

1.Get a location where people gather
This can be anywhere in front of grocery store or other places like a mall
(be sure and get permission from manager
to set up table
Other good locations would be fairs,
or local 2 or 3 day events

2. Get a banner like the red and white ones in picture at top of this page.
I can order it for you.
It will cost you about 110.00 plus
small shipping charge

3. Get some "flip charts" (go to

here you will see Jerry Zelinsky use a "flip chart"
to share the gospel with someone.

go to
Call 206-4945-3701
Text 206-495-3701
email mcorey777@GMAIL.COM

with questions